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Why keep my cover with AMP Life?

Helping protect your family against life's uncertainties

For more than 170 years, AMP Life has been safeguarding Australians’ futures in times of great need. From day one, we have helped protect Australian families’ financial security against illness, injury or death.

Today, we’re still doing what we do best – protecting your family’s future against life’s uncertainties. It’s a commitment we take very seriously.

An industry-leading claims track record1

AMP Life has one of the highest claims acceptance rates in the industry. We pay, on average, more than 93% of claims. So you can be confident that when you need support, we will be there to help.

More than 93%*

Average percentage of claims we pay


Customers received a claims payout in 2019

$3.1 million

Average payout each day to our customers in 2019

$1.1 billion

Total payout in claims in 2019


Customers referred to external rehabilitation partners

A range of support services

A simple claims process that pays out as soon as possible is crucial. But years of experience has taught us that it’s only part of the story.

AMP Life is also here to help you and your family get back to everyday life wherever possible. This could mean providing rehabilitation after an illness or accident or working closely with your employer to organise a return-to-work program.

In some cases, we may even be able to arrange food delivery or transport to help you take care of yourself after an illness.

We're here for our customers

AMP Life has a unique model compared to other Australian life insurers. We focus only on supporting and managing our existing customers. This means we don’t spend our time, money and energy trying to get new customers. Instead, we can dedicate all our resources to taking care of you.

The value of cover

We offer a wide range of insurance covers that help protect you and your family against financial insecurity in the event of an illness, injury or death. This includes:

  • Death and terminal illness cover
  • Income protection
  • Total and Permanent Disablement cover
  • Trauma cover

Each of our insurance products offers features to make your cover valuable and flexible. For example, you can choose to apply indexation to your cover, so your benefit amount increases in line with the cost of living each year. You can find out more about product features in the Product Disclosure Statement for your insurance cover.

While life insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense at times, it may help you and your family if you become sick, injured or pass away. At time of claim, the value of your insurance cover will become priceless. The following example gives you an idea of the difference life cover could make during a very difficult time.

1Figures based on AMP claims paid during 2019.
*Figure based on AMP 3 year rolling acceptance rate.


Rick and Alison have two children under 10. Rick is a sales manager for an IT company while Alison works part-time as an accountant. The young family are paying off a mortgage and saving for their children’s high-school education.

Eighteen months ago, Rick was involved in a bad car accident on his way to work. Fortunately, he survived – but was seriously injured. He spent nearly a month in intensive care. In the months that followed, he also went through a rehabilitation program to learn to walk again.

Fortunately, Rick was able to claim on the Income Protection insurance he’d taken out with AMP Life. His cover provided him with monthly payments of 75% of his income, which the family used to pay their expenses.

Knowing he had a regular income helped Rick focus on getting well without the stress of financial insecurity. It also meant the family didn’t need to dip into their children’s education savings. Alison could afford to take some time off work to visit Rick in hospital, and be there to help him when he came back home.

Through AMP Life, Rick also received additional support to help him get the rehabilitation services he needed. This included an assessment of his rehabilitation needs and recommending equipment and modifications to his workplace that would make it possible to continue his job once he was ready to return to work.

Please note this example is illustrative only and is not an estimate of the insured amount you will receive or fees and costs you will incur. This example is based on the following assumptions (a) the cover amount remains the same throughout the period and the policy is not cancelled or suspended and (b) No waiting period applies to the policy.

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Important information

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If you decide to purchase or vary a financial product, AMP Life and/or other companies within the Resolution Life group will receive fees and other benefits, which will be a dollar amount or a percentage of either the premium they pay or the value of their investments. You can ask us for more details.

AMP Life is part of the Resolution Life group and can be contacted on 133 731 or via the contact us page.

As a member of the FSC, AMP supports the Life Insurance Code of Practice. You can find more information here.